White Papers

BEP-20 Token trifecta effect including miners, real estate, and the Coalition Coin itself all backing each other in tandem.

The BEP-20 Coalition Coin with the symbol of COAL is a Burnable Standard with a total supply of 21,000,000 coins. We are doing a similar approach as Satoshi Yakamoto did with bitcoin accept we are not mining up to 21,000,000 Coin since Satoshi proved Crypto-Currency is now widely accepted not just by the U.S.A., China, and bigger countries but as standard currency is some places on the globe, i.e. New Zealand.  We will be mining multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously of us raising capital through the Coalition Coin for down payments into real estate while your money gains a phenomenal interest rate because of our mining capabilities and then your portion of the profit from selling the house your money was involved in is yet another stream of revenue.  Seeing that binance cleared $Billion USD its first year with its Smart Chain that strictly deals with crypto-currency and no fiat brought us to the conclusion of keeping up with the times.  After thorough research, we now know that ERC Tokens can now be patched together with BEP-20 tokens which leave us that option to expand into that realm as well when the time comes to expand.  Our goals are to secure everyones investments that grow expendentially.  So goal one as you will see in our road map is to cover everybase on making sure our BEP-20 Token is connected on all levels in the crypto world.  In doing so our name will widely spread because of goals 2 and 3.  Once beta testing our BEP-20, and completing our first goal on our road map.  Goal two will be set up after having our team do thorough research on what miners we will purchase to ensure an additional source of revenue behind the BEP-20 TOKEN besides investors, users, and initial liquidy added. There are mining capabilities available now to where with the right know-how, which we do have, can make daily mining efforts increase our liquidity by themselves of $5,000.00 a day.  The programmer side of our team will ensure to have those up and running prior to opening to the public.  Now, step 3 is the kicker.  The Coalition team is working on making real estate purchases to fix and flip.  Between steps 2 and 3 alone will secure the price of our coin to skyrocket.  We do have more future plans because of the experience of our team which we will disclose in the second 1/2 of our white paper.

https://CoalitionCoin.com is up and running securely.   

The Coalition Coin team will only be keeping 1% of the coin initially for reserves for our investors to know our team is invested in this ideal that has worked for others.  Using the best of some of the best ecosystems out there for starters, then going the extra mile of putting a burn rate of .05 to increase the limited amount of BEP-20 Token available has been proven as well to increase value overall. 


We have created the Coalition coin with three revenue streams into it, and each thing we work on with COAL BEP-20 Token is created with scalability in mind.  From a novice to expert can figure out how we work and the best thing is that we have excellent customer service via phone, email, live chat, PM on FB, Instagram, twitter, and etc. 

Now with that said.  There are three parts to our company that will be constantly building value to the CoalitionCoin

  1. The Coalition Coin pre sales, open market sales, and compatibility to many other crypto currencies along with along with fiat based currency economics.
  2. While setting up the cornerstones of the Coaliton Coin, business, and family we will be applying our experience in mining crypto currencies with alglorythems that can decifer which crypto currency is the most profitable with milliseconds.  70% of daily revenue generated will from multiple coins will go back into the company savings, and scaling.  Here is the interesting part.  We will be using crypto currency for real estate mainly which will be purchased from part 1 and 2.  
  3. Real Estate – Every house, commercial, or industry location bought with the CoalitionCoin COAL will not only back our coin and increase the value of the COAL.  It will also be generating revenue.  Each home in the USA that has been owned for over 24 months the proceeds are not taxable.  As of August 8, 2021 buying and selling properties around the world all the proceeds without taxes as soon as you own, or lease the property without waiting 2 years.  70% of the proceeds from all properties sold and leased will be put into COAL Liquidity. 

That is what we are set up to do and are currently working on putting COAL Coalition Coin BEP-20 on the market.  Each time our holders grow and invest into coalition coin COAL to $5,600.00 a new state of the art miner with the latest and created mining software used on them to maximize profits while minimizing the time to make the profits. 

The creators and owners are perfectionists and will be going to pre-sale status after any errors are removed from our website, code, email, etc.

Getting in at the ground level with Coalition Coin is recommendable.  Our creators and owners are also working having the state of the art security and techniques to protect every one of our holders along with Coalition Coin.